Photo Studio


Photo Studio is an image management tool. It greatly speeds up and enhances the process of getting digital images from their source (digital camera, scanner etc) to the web. It supports everything from downloading the images from a camera, through rotation (performed losslessly), comment editing, GPS info addition, thumbnail creation/extraction, right up to generating HTML index pages.
Additionally Photo Studio is a useful tool for examining and manipulating the contents of additional data stored along with your images, supporting a wide range of formats from EXIF/DCF and CIFF (as saved by many digital cameras) through JFIF to the often used Photoshop extensions. Furthermore Photo Studio can be used to create mosaic images, tiling together your existing digitial images, either at random, or to fit to some larger image.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst Photo Studio is still under development it may still be a bit buggy. If you are planning to write to any files, you are advised to work with a copy of your images rather than the originals!

Any comments, suggestions, bug reports, please email [ John's email address. ]


Photo Studio for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
Last updated 19th January 2003.
Photo Studio User Manual
In HTML format.
Demonstrating the browser and several different views of image files.
Example Mosaics
Have a look at some example mosaics generated by Photo Studio.
Example HTML Index Pages
Lots of thumbnail index pages generated by Photo Studio.
Example GPS Tracklog
An example tracklog file that should work with the GPS feature, generated using G7ToWin. Saved using Old Text File format, with Degree Display Mode set to DD MM


Marker Sections Supported

Update History

4th November 2001
Lots of improvements and bug fixes. Fixed some possible crashes when making a series of edits to images in the browse window. Fixed a few niggly bugs with image creation. Improved video player for quicktime movies including sound, better timing, plus option to increase viewing size. Feature to set/modify exif times. Also GPS support! Display GPS exif info, and set GPS info in images from tracklog files - world first application to support this?
19th October 2001
A few interface improvements, including icons in menus. Lots of minor improvements to image lists - smaller file sizes, better loading / saving. All image info fields now viewable in details view of browse window and image lists (except zoom, which is still always blank). Exposure time properly normalised in details view. Lots of other niggly rough edges ironed out.
11th October 2001
View camera settings saved in Quicktime movies (worlds first independant application to support this?). Information in thumbnails view on browse window now shows time/date taken (as before) rather than file time.
8th October 2001
Improved QuickTime support - prototype video player! Fixed bugs when creating mosaics (introduced in last update!). Also added preferences page for image lists, made several improvements / fixes for image list views.
16th September 2001
Lots of internal changes. Better support for different file formats. Fixed bug when saving some exif data. Added feature to import/export marker sections. Improved new document dialog.
6th September 2001
Added image map creation feature - accessible through the Tools menu when a JPEG image is loaded. Click here for an online demo.
3rd September 2001
Fixed crash when loading some EXIF images (including some generated by the program itself!).
28th August 2001
Fixed colour selection for padded frame mode when scaling / thumbnailing. Exif Image Width / Height tags in EXIF sections are now written when new EXIF sections are created or images rotated. Dimensions should now update properly after transforming images in the browse window - no more having to refresh to avoid distorted thumbnails etc. Also ISO speed rating read from Canon Maker Note.
23rd August 2001
Improved camera download. Can now navigate through folders on digital camera, allowing movies and sounds to be downloaded.
14th August 2001
Added web download facility - easily download images in bulk from the web. A bit experimental at present!
7th August 2001
Added full screen view option and slide show window for quick full-size viewing of images in browse window. Added option to stop saving backups of files. Saving files where only marker sections are modified (e.g. editing comments, inserting inline thumbnails etc) should be quicker now. Added a few more keyboard shortcuts, plus a popup menu in main window.
11th July 2001
Minor bugfix - last update didn't seem to work on NT. Should be fine now.
8th July 2001
Lots of bits and pieces. Added details view to browse window - view customisable camera info fields (EXIF, CIFF or Olympus) for a whole directory at a time. Sort on commonly used info fields (date, time, F number, exposure, ISO etc). Progress bar now embedded in main window rather than popup. Basic support for TIFF and BMP files - can load 24 bit RGB TIFF/BMP files and save as JPEG.
28th May 2001
More look and feel changes. Also, support for CIFF and Olympus APP12 marker sections. Standardisation of info obtainable from EXIF, CIFF or APP12 sections - added generic camera info section to image views. Lossless transform options - to deal with images with irregular dimensions. Download now more reliable, and nicer! See thumbnails of images as they're downloaded.
8th May 2001
Added quick info display and other appearance changes to the browse window. Added program preferences (accessible from the file menu). Padded frame scaling mode now working.
20th February 2001
Smooth progress bars (much nicer!), HSB support when creating mosaics to give more faithful reproduction of colour. Display Adobe marker sections.
1st February 2001
Comment editor - quick and easy comment editing for a directory of images. Support for Photoshop marker sections, view Photoshop resource blocks. Correct display of colours for Photoshop generated inline thumbnails.
January 2000
Create mosaics - put together tile images either in order, at random, or to fit to a larger image.
December 2000
Download facility - downloads images from a range of digital cameras.
11th November 2000
Extract inline thumbnail now saves JPEG data directly. Quality of thumbnails improved (TO DO: have this user definable). Added option on scale dialog to choose between filters (currently box or bilinear). Most settings now saved in registry. Specific transforms from Image/Transform menu now work. Thmbnail operations available in Image menu.
30th October 2000
Added progress bar, modified indicators in browser, EXIF thumbnail creation, thumbnail insertion for JFIF/EXIF and JFIF/EXIF thumbnail extraction.
27th October 2000
First release.

Useful Links
Lots of sample images available for demonstrating the various capabilities of Photo Studio, as well as a lot of information on the EXIF/DCF standards.


Photo Studio is written by John Hawkins [ John's email address. ]. Portions of it are based in part on the work of the Independant JPEG Group. Thanks also have to go to: