StuffTV Goes Satellite!

Posted 2004/07/27 09:07:49.

Version 1.04 released.

Version 1.04 of StuffTV supports the following new features.

DVB-S support. WinTV Nova-S (also known as TechnoTrend TT-PCLine Budget DVB-S) cards are now supported. So far it's fairly rudimentary - there is no automatic channel scan, but if you're prepared to type in channels manually (from somewhere like lyngsat) then it may be worth a go.

Transport stream file playback. StuffTV already had the ability to record whole multiplexes (transport streams) to disk allowing you to, in effect, records several TV channels at the same time. You can now play these transport stream files back within StuffTV.

EPG. A first stab at a network-wide EPG, showing you all of the services available, along with "now and next" schedule information.

There have been a few other minor changes and bug fixes as well.

To download this version, go to the StuffTV information and downloads page.

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